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About The Audience

-ʺThe global collagen market size was valued at USD 8.36 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.0% from 2020 to 2028. Increasing end-use applications such as growing usage in the food and beverage industry along with an upsurge in demand from the cosmetics industry are anticipated to drive the market growth. In addition, the market is expected to benefit from the increasing adoption of
collagen-based products by consumers.ʺ

Health and Beauty Enthusiasts
-Duly regarding aesthetic improvements on hair, skin and nails.

Over 30’s Market
-Almost very similar to the Health and Beauty Enthusiasts, just incorporating Collagen Supplements into their Diets for the benefits preventative muscle, bone and joint health support, as well as energy levels increasing.

Aging Population
-Defying aging and augmenting their joints and bone health.

-Elite and amateur athletes, to increase performance and recovery.

What This Blog Offers (Part of)
Apart from teaching One about Collagen,..
-Direct or Indirect Shared Brand Strategy Communication, with affiliates.
-Affiliates opportunity of Marketing Campaigns.
-Promoting Products and Services of affiliates and bringing customers in.
-Increasing Brand Awareness of Affiliates.
-Customers may purchase products and generate more sales.
-This blog helps a patient to find suitable Dermatologist.
-This blog helps people looking for jobs, to find jobs posts notices, world-wide.
-This blog is a place for Electronic Newsletter Marketing, to potential customers; donors and other relevant stakeholders. (E-newsletter Placing – Cost Per Click)
-This blog can take One shopping on affiliate shops world-wide, including shopping for Collagen related products, world-wide.

Ad spaces

-Per Month Charges
-Per Campaign charges, accordingly
– All Prices Includes V.A.T.

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Banner Ad - 1100 x 250
USD$ 50 Cost Per Mille
Square ad - 540 x 540
USD$ 55 Cost Per Mille
Square ad - 540 x 540
USD$ 55 Cost Per Mille
Left Sidebar ad - 354 x 540
USD$ 35 Cost Per Mille
Sidebar ad - 354 x 540
USD$ 35 Cost Per Mille
Right Sidebar ad - 354 x 540
USD$ 35 Cost Per Mille

E-newsletter Placing – Cost per click shall be an equivalent to ZAR R2.00
Jobs Notice – an equivalent to ZAR R1200 Per Job Post

Ad Space Value, Inspired by the grading of wine,…
Grand Cru, Wine of the most superior grade
Premier Cru, Wine of superior grade

Par – Premium Ad
Static – USD$ 400

Premier Par Ad
-360 Photo
-Slide show
-30 seconds Video
USD$ 1000

Grand Par Ad
-360 Video
-60 seconds Video
USD$ 1400

How to submit Material
Materials shall be given in format of:,
-MP4, video size (Full screen etc)
All sizes in pixles.

Email materials sound as possible to:
[email protected]